7 Awesome Bucket List Trips Curated By The Travel Corporation

By Travel 🕔 22:07, 12.Feb 2019 994

. This private, family-owned, fourth-generation hospitality company is a leading provider of more than 1,000 guided and independent trips, operating on all seven continents in more than 70 countries. That's a lot of global ground from which to choose. Here, 7 choice picks for 2019:

Who Best For: Animal-loving adventurers. What Dazzles Most: Explore the epic wilderness of Kenya and Tanzania on this 14-day journey. Experience the Serengeti and Maasai Mara. Be introduced to Swahili culture and cuisine. Zoom your camera lens on wildebeests and hippos. Spy thousands of birds, including eagles, European rollers, flycatchers, Montagu's harriers and owls. Gallop on horseback through a wildlife sanctuary. Walk on the wild side among cormorants, giraffes, impalas, pelicans, waterbucks and zebras. Sojourn to a private-owned conservancy that is Kenya's most successful rhino-breeding reserve. Linger at enchanting lakes, splendid national parks and sublime landscapes. Traverse Ngorongoro Crater — its forests are home to elephants, flamingos and lions. Meet with Maasai to learn about their lives. Overnight at a lodge nestled in the foothills of Ngorongoro Highland Forest and count your wanderlust blessings. How To Go:  Trafalgar